10 Things I Didn’t Learn in School


Respond With Kindness


As I grow older, I realize more and more that there are so many things to be learned in life that just can’t be learned in school but rather through experience. These are some things I find help living life more freely, healthily, and easily. I’ve jotted some of those things down one day while volunteering at my local hospital. They are:

1. To be patient; be patient listening, be patient when speaking.

2. Let others speak, hear them out.

3. Listen with respect.

4. Respond with kindness.

5. Live young because life is short.

6. Be independent, because independence might not be forever.

7. Nothing is forever, except out energies that get transferred to other people, places, and things. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. So be positive always.

8. Stand up for yourself.

9. If you need something, say something. Be assertive.

10. Seize the opportunity, because opportunities are free!



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