The Little Seed That Could [Poem]

The Little Seed That Could

By Alaina Blay

She Came Back To Life

A small, naked seed with a perfectly cracked surface,
That seed was small, but it certainly had a purpose.
To the whole universe, she will provide a good service
No need to be anxious, frightened or nervous.

Little did she know she’d be the seed of a serpent;
Under that sly face was a monster that lay dormant.
Guarded like a porcelain doll, she thought she was important,
But under the spell of a serpent, her vision was distorted.

The soul of the serpent was as clear as crystal
His eyes, his affection, his love – all invisible.
His insides were completely and utterly see-through.
And when she knew, that was her cue.

The serpent knew what that seed could see,
So to hide himself, he had to flee
And out of the serpent, his soul had to leave
Into the sky is where he wanted to be.

Floating in the clouds, he was high all the time
To keep the seed from growing, he blocked the sunshine.
But even in the dark, that little seed grew
Into something all the other seeds would eventually look up to.

And he knew, did everything to misconstrue,
It was another episode of déjà vu.

And so this seed continued growing,
Strength and beauty started flowing
Through every vein in her body.

And the storm must have seen it,
And couldn’t believe it,
So with his roaring gust of wind, he blew it –
And did what he thought fit to deceive it.

Yet a flower still bloomed in a black and white world.
But her stem wasn’t straight, it was hunched over and curled.
She lacked sunlight, vitamins, minerals and water
Like a woman lacking love, affection, and laughter.

She grew into a wilted flower;
Completely and entirely out of power.
Colorless, bland, old and ugly
Dry, fragile and sour.

All that flower needed was a little bit of TLC
She came back to life and told herself, “This life is not for me.”
She was dying inside and knew this wasn’t how it’s supposed to be
She opened her petals, stems and leaves, and blossomed.
She was beautiful – she could finally see; she was set free.

All that flower needed was to be saved,
Who knew that pretty road she was taking was already paved?
She was cleansed of all rotten energy that was stuck with her in that cave,
Like you are of stench, dirt and germs when you bathe.

I bet you guessed that little seed was me,
And the storm and the serpent, those were he,
With his strong winds and venom sucking all the life out of me.

More and more every day, I’m thankful for life,
Because before, I was dead, and now, I’m alive.

If I could turn back time,
I’d pay attention to what was really on my mind.
I’d tell myself, “You’re beautiful, you’re smart, you’re kind,
Don’t worry about what they say, they’ll be cheering you on too – everything will be just fine.”



© Alaina Blay 2013

Photo Info:
Naples, FL, 2008

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