Stronger Than Ever [Poem]

Stronger Than Ever

By Alaina Blay

Mother Nature Full Of Thunder

Look at me and this sweet, darling face
Don’t get too close yet, you better respect my space
Say the wrong thing and I’ll put you in your place
Strike me bad and you’ll be Jack Nicholson in that maze
Put me against you and watch I’ma win the race
I’m a tough little lady but a lady with grace
If you wanna be with me it’s gonna be a long chase
To get me to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and home base
I’ll leave so fast without a single trace
No one will ever try to strike me again in this face

Looking at this sweet, darling face with a bad ass flow
There are some things about me that, from this face, you’d never know
You would never know I took a bad hit to the lip
Never know I had to get more than one stitch
More like 11, from that one and only bad hit
Never know I had to get a new replacement tooth
Yeah you heard right I only speak the truth
Never know that more than once I was almost choked to death
And been hit so hard in the head I almost went deaf
Too many times I thought I was on my death bed
Holding onto life by a little ass thread
But all those hard times just pushed me more to get ahead
To settle for less, I’ll never be caught dead
I don’t wanna be the one to be misread
No beating around the bush so I tell it like it is instead
A girl confused
A woman abused
So now I refuse
To see that I am lesser than my worth
To change my mind it’s gonna be a lotta work
Let’s do this race so you could watch me finish first
Look at this sweet, darling face and listen to my voice
Hear what I have to say and block out all the noise
Listen up, listen up
What I have to say is real, so keep your mouth shut
And listen to me before you judge
A book by its cover,
A beauty down under,
Mother Nature full of thunder
Cause of all that I’ve been through, I stay guarded
With all these lies I was bombarded
With fools in my face
So I need to replace
All the negativity I am faced
with all over the place
And take it all in
To make me stronger from within
And remain completely positive
Go ahead fuck with me ‘cause your petty shit don’t phase me
Go ahead say what you want ‘cause your words won’t break me
Go ahead talk shit try to make everyone hate me
But they’re all gonna know I’m the realest little lady
Everything I been thru since I was a baby
Has made me who I am today ain’t no one try to save me
Lately, emotions in my heart come out to pour
A naïve girl I am no more
A weak little thing – never again, I closed that door
Bounce back up, whenever I crash to the floor
One thing I don’t need to reassure,
I am now stronger than I’ve ever been before



© Alaina Blay 2013

Photo Info:
Naples, FL, 2009

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  1. RemysPlace
    April 13, 2013 / 11:36 am

    I must say I had to wipe away my tears…

    I love watching you mature and wish I had your talent…

    Love you Beautiful

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