It’s A Cole World

NYC = Land of Opportunity

Still on this music streak. Can’t stop won’t stop!

J. Cole. He came to NYC, the land of opportunity. He is a realist who writes music about the real stuff: raw feelings about everyday situations many people can relate to. He is genuine, honest, and brave enough to reveal what’s actually going on in his mind. I always admire artists like this. I also love that he makes his own music to go with his lyrics. Self-made success and pure modern-day hip hop at its finest.

He says:

This single is so organic. It happened at a time where I needed to get away from the studio,” Cole says. “I just start cooking up in the house. I started with the drums, added the sample, added the music, then I added that percussion and bass line and started humming melodies. That was a fun night, probably the most fun I’ve had in a long time making a song.”

Cole’s story begins with music, but extends so far outside of the recording studio. In February he was invited to Harvard University to spearhead an hour-long lecture titled “The Next Move: A Conversation With J. Cole,” where he spoke with students about his early influences, dreams of playing professional basketball in the NBA and lyrical inspiration. It’s that same story that inspired all of the music on Born Sinner, which Cole produced in its entirety. “The things that I’ve been through is the reason for that, it all makes me stronger,” he says. “All that will be told on the album, people will get it.”

J. Cole Bio

Thank you, J, for doing you by being you.




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