Unstoppable [POEM]


By Alaina Blay

32 onto the next chapter

It’s raining today
It’s one of those days today
The skies are crying so my emotions get in the way today
No time for play
Just write all day
The skies are cloudy and on and off it rains
Just write away all of the pains
Say what I feel and let the pen take it away
Take it far away
And turn it into something good today
Let it rain, let it pour
No more pain for me no more
No more broken heart for me,
Nothing sour, nothing sore
I’m ready to get what I’ve worked hard for
I’m moving onto the spotlight floor
Onto the next chapter I closed that last door
No looking back, I’m going hardcore
Nothing like I’ve ever done before
Keep your eye on me
Don’t dare to blink
Cause in a flash I’ll be onto the next thing
Moving quick
You can’t stop this
Stop me? Never – I’ll make sure of it


© Alaina Blay 2013

Chelsea, New York, NY, 2013