Self-Love [POEM]


By Alaina Blay

Spread Your Wings & Fly With Me

Now I finally see how valuable I am
All of life’s test? Yeah I aced all those exams
I’m not lying to you, this ain’t no scam
You should already know how serious I am
Not worth a watch, or a diamond ring
Not worth much of anything
Like things intangible, that’s my worth
Ever since the day of my birth
I made this world a richer place
All life’s shit I do not phase
I know I am special I finally do
Never again will I give myself to someone untrue
True to myself I’ve always been
And staying this way, I’ll always win
Cause being any other way would be the ugliest sin
Embracing my individuality
My sweet, unique personality
Feeding my soul with strong spirituality
A healthy, steady sentimentality
Ever heard of that one little quote?
If not take yourself a good little note
“Love yourself, before you can love another”
Can you honestly say you love yourself like no other?
Don’t be cocky, just be humble
If you love yourself, there will be no struggle
In loving someone else, it’ll be no trouble
Can’t give your heart away if it’s stuck in a tunnel
So follow me and discover your self-worth
Learn your value, do the work
So you can spread your wings, and fly with me
Into the sky, to the highest degree

© Alaina Blay 2013

Photo Info:
Wiggins Pass Beach, Naples, FL, 2008