Do I Inspire You? [POEM]

Do I Inspire You?

By Alaina Blay

How Do You Feel

Whenever I have a single doubt in myself
It’s just a matter of me asking myself for help
For some reassurance, ’cause it happens every now and then
I question my motives on a scale from 1 to 10
Am I sure I am doing the right thing? 7
Binland, I could really use your help from heaven
In every situation
Is a good indication
Of absolute maturation
So whenever I have even the smallest amount of doubt
I think about what it is I’m really all about
All I wanna do is enlighten, inform and inspire
To help people globally, that’s what I aspire
Through words and wisdom
I want to help everyone in this kingdom
Give them all the freedom
In this handicapped system
And if I wanna know if I’m doing a good job at that,
I’ll just ask ,”How do you feel after you read that?”
Doubt and uncertainty, something I definitely have to work at
Me against myself, that could be the worst combat
So next time I feel doubtful out of the blue,
Let me ask you, do I inspire you?

© Alaina Blay 2013

Photo Info:
SoHo, New York, NY, 2013

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