“We need to stop doubting ourselves. We need to stop rejecting our thoughts and ideas, and instead, add physical motion to the mix and take action. If we don’t try to reach our maximum potentials, how will we ever achieve what we all want to achieve? What does it have to take to shove us out of our comfort zones? To push those seemingly tight walls that surround us and keep us suffocating in this ever-changing evolution of life? We need to start taking our own advice. Everything we need we already have inside. Everything that has the power to stop and block us we also have inside. There will always be a constant inner conflict, so it’s actually just a matter of “how badly do you want to get to where you really wanna be” that is the deciding factor between thought and action. Not time. Time is a man-made measurement of existence. What are we waiting for? Are we waiting for anything? We all say ‘we don’t give a f!#k’ but if we really don’t, then what do we have to lose anymore? Nothing. It’s fear that holds us back. From everything. Fear of trying something new, fear of failing, fear of feeling and appearing incompetent, fear of being wrong and/or making mistakes because we put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect. But what is fear? Fear is an intangible emotion. A physically nonexistent feeling that takes over the mind and paralyzes the human body. It’s an imaginary barbed wire fence we’ve built around ourselves that literally controls every movement we attempt to make, for FEAR that we are going to get hurt because we are sensitive creatures. But like, f!#k fear. Honestly. Let’s keep it moving.”



© Alaina Blay 2014

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Upstate New York, 2014

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