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A sweet, summer day at Kaaterskill Falls 2019
Shot on film by Maryanna Basyul

My nickname Nina + my innovations & musings = Ninavations.com

Greetings! Welcome to the corner of the internet that is all mine. My name is Alaina Blay and I am just a woman in NYC on a journey of self-discovery.

With an affinity for writing, a need to connect more deeply, and an unexplainable thirst to explore and find answers–I’ve set out on my path to creative expression by simply being me and sharing my thoughts, ideas, and experiences, thus giving birth to Ninavations.com.

Primary goals here: to enlighten, inform, and inspire all with anything and everything I deem interesting, entertaining, and useful to make positive influences in readers’ lives and to empower everyone globally to live their best, most authentic selves in any way possible!


Split from the ordinary. Be your own muse.

Find everything you need, right inside of you.

Stay real, stay honest, stay true!


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