My nickname Nina + my innovations & musings = Ninavations.com

A rebel against society? Or a rebel with a cause? Rather, a passionate, young woman from Brooklyn, NY who sees that typical everyday life is nothing but a set of fixed, trivial rules that people unconsciously live by as robotic pawns – a cycle that repeats itself over and over again, gradually getting worse as time goes on.

My name is Alaina Blay and I wanna break the cycle. I wanna see change. I wanna be the change. I see beauty where others do not. I seek to feed my desire for knowledge and  connection–to learn more about the world and to connect to the people in it, help them connect to their truest selves, and ultimately connect them with each other. To inspire, one thought, one word, one photo, one post at time, through love and in love.

With a knack for writing, an eye for design, a need to express, a severe case of wanderlust, and the curiosity of a thousand cats with an uncontrollable thirst to explore and find answers–I’ve set out on my path to making an impact by simply being me and sharing my thoughts, ideas, and experiences, thus giving birth to Ninavations.com. Primary goals here: to enlighten, inform, and inspire all with anything and everything I deem interesting, entertaining, and useful to make positive influences in readers’ lives and to empower everyone globally in every way possible, especially the ladies!

We make the rules in this game of life. Big changes take small steps. It’s all about splitting from the ordinary and making the world extraordinary!





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