Sleepless Night [POEM]

Sleepless Night

By Alaina Blay

Just Get Through

How do you sleep at night when you’re stressed and your mind can’t rest?
You just keep thinkin’ it’ll all work out for the best
And you tell yourself, that this is only a test
And you’ll make it –
You’ll pass it with flying colors without fakin’ it
And you bet, that you can’t hold out for too much longer
But stickin’ this out will only make you stronger
My mother wouldn’t understand no matter how much I told her
Someone tell her ‘when she cries just hold her’
Or lean over and just give her a shoulder
Tell her ‘she’s a soldier
And soon it’ll all be over’
Nights like this stressing
About this life that’s such a blessing
Got my mind mixed up
‘Til I get my life fixed up
Gotta get my heart stitched up
‘Cause my soul glitched up
So I can keep going
With all the flowing
So I could keep growing
As my heart keeps sewing its way up
What do you do when you lay in bed at night
Listening to the silence that got you so uptight
About the life you chasin’
But you can’t seem to get outta this case and
You know this is somethin’ you phasin’
But you can’t help but cave in?
It’s that life you been tastin’
But you just can’t reach it as of late and
The patience starts to wear off
And the road will only get rougher
But this is only making you tougher
And your skin will get thicker
As your fear wears thinner
Cut all the shit out with a scissor
And just get through the stormy blizzard
So without a doubt you could be a WINNER

© Alaina Blay 2013

Photo Info:
New York, NY, 2013


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