What Kind of Artist Are You?


“The artist is not a different kind of person, but every person is a different kind of artist.” – Eric Gill

I was inspired to write this entry after reading this article I found on Stephey Baker’s blog Marked by the Muse months ago. It is intriguing, and it really makes you more open-minded about what art really is about and how it can help you discover something about yourself that you never knew or thought you had.

Check it out here:

“Artists embody the passion to express a dimension of life that is just beyond the five senses. The need to create into form, to engage expression itself, to make their inspirations real is what motivates an artist. It’s wrapped up in an artist’s well-being.”

I am an Artist. Do you call yourself, Artist? Would you call yourself an Artist?

ART IS EVERYWHERE. What’s art, you say? Architecture is art, and without art, buildings we live and work in would not be standing and withholding the way they are. The way your home looks on the inside – interior design – that’s art. Your smart phone? That works the way it does because it was DESIGNED to work a certain way, especially in that little 2.31 x 4.87 x 0.30 inch iPhone 5 that magically keeps shrinking every half a year – no that’s not magic, that’s art. The way you dress every day and why you choose to articulate what you wear? ART. Buying an old car and replacing it with new parts that you CHOOSE to enhance the use and look – art. The way you write your love letters or essays in school or POETRY and choosing what words to express yourself and where to place them in your writing – that’s art! Literary art! Art is about being expressive, whether it’s physical, visual, auditory, literary, metaphorical, mathematical, etc. We live in art. This whole world is all about art. The way the universe is put together with planets that rotate around this huge star so that they don’t ever collide with one another – call me crazy but that’s art, too!

And truth is, everyone is an artist. I believe that EVERYONE in this world is an artist. Everyone has some type of talent that maybe they have not discovered yet. It is easier for some than it is for others, but it is true that everyone has a talent. We just have to find it. It’s a gift from the universe that we all have this special thing inside of us that makes each and every one of us unique. And I feel it’s because of the distraction of society that we can’t take the time to discover what it is we are good at and what we love to do and are passionate for because we have to work to pay the bills every day or go to school and excel and succeed so we can all have those big money paying jobs later. But I encourage everyone to find something they enjoy doing; it’s good for you and it’s good for your soul! If you have the time, you better be looking for it. For the busybodies, no matter how busy you can be, always make time to do something for yourself because you deserve it! YOU are the most important person in your life, so find something you love to do because you owe that to yourself. Find your passion and make yourself happy. Make time for yourself to discover more about who you are, who you can be, who you can become. Ask yourself, what kind of artist are you?

© Alaina Blay 2013

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New York, NY, 2013