Different Ways To Feel Better

This post is dedicated to Binland Lee:

A conversation we had on what to do when having a bad day:

April 22
Binland Lee

i honestly would but i have no time to go to the gym!!
maybe ill swim though

Alaina Blay Rementeria
ohhh swimming is good
or dance! just put on something and literally dance like no ones watching, ive done it lol

Binland Lee
omg i havent done that in forever

Alaina Blay Rementeria
seeee its gonna be fun and feel great

Binland Lee
that’s good advice
you should write a blog about that
diff ways to feel better

Binland Lee
like eating chocolate or fav foods

Top 6 Things I Do To Feel Better

  1. Be physical. Hit the gym, go for a run, swim, do yoga. It is so good for your balance, health, body, mind and soul. Refer to one of my earlier posts: Yoga Changed My Life
  2. Put on your favorite music and dance like no one’s watching. Release that negative energy. Release those endorphins. Dancing is good exercise anyways.
  3. Phone a friend. Your best friend. That’s why you’re best friends, right? Or a relative. Or anyone, about anything! Talking is good therapy.
  4. Get some fresh air. Go outdoors. Surround yourself with nature. Let the earthly wind smack you in the face. It’s refreshing. Take a deep breath and let it flow through to your chest.
  5. Take a hot bubble bath. There is nothing like the feeling of submersing your body into a tub of hot water. It is so soothing to your nerves and feels good to the touch of your skin. Yes, this is for guys, too. (It’s also good for relaxing your sore muscles after a hard work out).
  6. Eat chocolate. No seriously, eat chocolate. I’ve known this all my life. It just makes you feel better. This article will explain it: Eating chocolate is good for you

Hope this works for you like it works for me! 🙂

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