By Alaina Blay

33 wehavenotimetoblow

The city that never sleeps
Never made more sense to me
Than right now as I walk on these city streets
In this city I’m always on my feet
Feeling so small as the buildings scrape the sky
Way up high, where the Times Square lights shine bright
Place to place, not enough time
Feigns yelling, “Hey! You summer time fine!”
After work hit up the bar, for that well deserved glass of wine
Not any wine, the fancy wine,
The good kind, squeezed fresh from the grapevine
And maybe have a bite to eat or take it on the go
Cause this is the city that doesn’t sleep
Everyone should know
A minute is worth too much to waste, we have no time to blow
The city that never sleeps, the city of never-ending dreams
The city where my inspiration flows like an infinite water stream
Under the city lights that beam
My inner voice screams
My higher self is rising, it seems
The city of dreams, now I know why
Cause only here is the limit way beyond the sky
So chase those pretty dreams in the streets so filthy
Cause this is fucking New York City!

© Alaina Blay 2013

Photo Info:
New York, NY, 2013