Feel Good Fashion

Feel Good Fashion


Passion for Fashion – I have always had since I was a kid; since the days I used to argue with my mother about what I would rather wear to school as a kindergartener. I find art in pieces of clothing, and I appreciate the colors, patterns, shapes, prints, textures, styles, and each and every detail artists put into designing so many different and unique pieces. I also love fashion because like music, it can change from day to day depending on your mood. Fashion is to art as dance is to exercise–they are interchangeable. In addition to finding exclusive individual pieces, putting them together at the end to make a trendy, montage masterpiece outfit is the cherry on top of the passion for fashion sundae.

Every day is a new opportunity to live life, so why not spice up your life a bit by expressing yourself through the art of clothing? Why not embrace it with ‘feel good’ fashion? The world is your runway, go out there and conquer it feeling good and looking the part!

You can do so without breaking the budget, something I have learned through my experiences as a full time college student living in an NYC. Besides, what sense does it make to try to buy outrageously overpriced clothing when it can be a struggle to keep up with buying them? I mean if you can afford it, by all means. 

Before writing this article, I was on Forever21.com, and I made a spring/summer outfit of 7 pieces all for under $75 (some regular price, and some on sale – which you should never fear to look for because you can find a lot of gems in the sales section if you look) in just less than 10 minutes. I see this as an investment because they can all be used to make other new outfits. With coupon codes/promotional offers, such as free shipping and holiday and/or seasonal discounts, you can save even more.

I would wear this on a spring or summer day. It’s very tribal-boho-city chic; it can be worn pretty much anywhere. You can throw on a light sweater or jacket for those breezier, cooler days.

I also chose many accessories because I believe accessories make the outfit. That’s the fashion motto I live by! With clothing that can be simple such as this neutral-colored dress, accessories go very well in completing the entire look. Accessories and pieces of clothing are compliments of each other.

Take a look at what I have come up with:

Striped Maxi Dress $14.80

I love this tribal print. Maxi dresses have
become one of my all-time
faves to turn to for nice weather and comfort.
Sexy and sophisticated, I think yes!

Printed Cork Peeptoe Wedges $29.80

Wedges are great if you’re
looking for height; more comfortable than
a heel. I like a pop of color with a neutral outfit.

Metallic Feather Earrings $2.99

Simply put, I like metallic colors and I
like feathers. Goes great with the tribal look.

Spiked Necklace $3.80

I’m a fan of long necklaces, especially this
one as it simply compliments the tribal look
with a triangular geometric shape and a

rhinestone on top. Looks edgy and spiritually-inspired.

Sparkling Beaded Bangle $2.99

This wooden bangle is perfect for the boho
look, and I love the small details and patterns.

Rhinestoned Heart Bow Ring $2.80

A dainty bow for a cute finger.

Buckled Faux Leather Crossbody $15.80

Love this small, vintage-mod bag. Black to
go with anything, and the perfect size to fit
just what you need to carry lightly on a warm

© Alaina Blay 2013

Photo Info:
Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir,
Central Park, New York,  NY, 2013

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